CAPI Classic VP312 500 Series Preamp Built by MW Analog

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The VP312 brings the sound and vibe of the classic 70s USA consol preamp to your 500 series rack through meticulous recreation.

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Fully assembled, tested, and ready to rock!

The Classic Audio Product of Illinois VP312 brings you the sound and vibe of the 1970's classic 312 preamps through meticulous recreation. These preamps sound phenomenal and are absolutely excellent preamps for guitars, drums, and vocals. This pre has been professionally built and includes an LED phantom power indicator not available on previous versions. 

This badass build includes the either the Scott Liebers Red Dot 2520, or Gar 25020 opamp for a truly authentic vintage sound. The output attenuator lets you crank the input for adding additional grunge, if desired, while keeping the level from clipping your converters. 

Is the GAR 2520 or SL 2520 Red Dot right for me? Well, that depends on what you're looking for. We find the GAR to sound a bit smoother and fuller, while the Red Dot is a little more aggressive and colorful. You can't go wrong with either, and they're so easy to swap, that lots of us have both!

Includes a one-year warranty on the preamps and a 90-day warranty on the Operational Amplifiers.

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