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BUY ONE ADPAK AND GET ONE FREE DURING JUNE! Session Percussion & Percussion Beats expansion for Addictive Drums

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The Ultimate Studio Setup

The Session Percussion ADpak is a selection of handpicked percussion instruments combined as a creative suite for Addictive Drums. Everything in Session Percussion was specifically selected and recorded to work as a regular kit within Addictive Drums, combining the playability of a standard drum kit with the exotic sounds of percussion instruments to maximize compatibility and creative beat construction. Use the whole kit as it is, as a second instance or combine selected kit pieces with another kit. This ADpak is extremely versatile and is perfect for almost any genre or production style. Go from vintage drum kit sounds to Hip Hop/RnB to Latin Pop/Rock to straight up weird. The included presets and beats offer a great variety of mix ready sounds combined with superb beats making it easy to find the right elements fast.

The Features

The Session Percussion ADpak features not only great percussion instruments but also useful functionality to go with them. All instruments are set up together in Addictive Drums to work as any of the other drum kits which makes it possible to use other midi files from ADpaks or Midi Paks and of course use the midi included in Session Percussion ADpak or the Percussion Beats MIDI Pak with other kits. Session Percussion includes three selectable instrument choices in the Xtra slot:

1: Two different LP Blocks in one slot, plastic and wood.
2: An LP Tambourine recorded with a right sweep, left sweep and standard hit stroke in multiple layers and round robins which makes it possible to play or program very realistic tambourine patterns.
3: A Brazilian Pandeiro recorded with a kick sound, snare sound and two different hi-hat sounds all in multiple layers and round robins. This makes it possible to make really cool beats and grooves on top of other beats.

The Brazilian Pandeiro is also selectable in the Kick, Snare and Hi-Hat slots offering their respective stroke types with the choice of front/beater and top/bottom mix options on Kick and Snare slots. Use Session Percussion as it is, as multiple instances with mixed kit pieces or combine selected pieces with other kits.

Presets & Beats

The included presets and beats offers top-notch sounds that just sit in the mix and a must have selection of beats picked out from the Percussion Beats MIDI Pak. The Session Percussion ADpak includes about 40 producer presets and around 70 selected beats in a wide variety of music genres and production styles from vintage drum kit sounds to Hip Hop/RnB and Latin Pop/Rock to modern Dancehall beats making this package extremely versatile and useful in most genres and styles.

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